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The Dragonfly Approach™

At DMM&C, we have a unique methodology to

create meaningful and effective strategies

for optimal results tailored to your needs.

Usually entrepreneurs and solopreneurs have access to limited resources. Even established small businesses must be vigilant with how they allocate their assets. By utilizing a results-driven process that delineates a customized Marketing strategy for your project, then your budget, time and efforts are maximized.


At DM&CG, we developed such methodology after years of working on projects that despite being different in context,

always achieved the level of satisfaction and excellency expected by our customers.

We call it The Dragonfly Approach™.

It is not a cookie-cutter template in which the content changes but the essence is the same. Quite the opposite. The three components of The Dragonfly Approach™ -Discovery, Analysis and Report- are a roadmap to visualize the course while laying out the tactics needed to reach your specific goals.

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